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How to setup a home receiver to work with the iPod dock.

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  1. IMPORTANT: Make sure the receiver is off when connecting or disconnecting any device.

  2. Connect the iPod dock to the receiver utilizing the supplied cables.



    iPod/iPhone Dock:


    iPod/iPhone Adapter:


    NOTE: Choose the iPod/iPhone Dock Adapter that fits your Apple® iPod® portable player or Apple® iPhone® mobile digital device. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the iPod/iPhone Dock Adapter.

  3. Insert the iPod or iPhone into the Dock.
  4. On the receiver remote, press the Power button.

    NOTE: The receiver will auto detect the iPod or iPhone once the receiver is turned on.

  5. Press the GUI Mode button to turn the GUI on.
  6. Select Music or Video, then press the Enter button. Image

    NOTE: To view video, the video cord MUST be connected to video in on the receiver, and video out on the iPod dock.

  7. To control the iPod or iPhone with the receiver remote, press the USB button on the remote.