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Which Apple® products are compatible with the Sony® iPod® dock speaker?

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IMPORTANT: When connecting the Apple® iPod® portable player or Apple iPhone® mobile digital device to the Personal Audio docking station, make sure to insert the compatible dock adapter for iPod that fits your iPod and/or iPhone device.

As of February 2012, the following iPod and iPhone devices are compatible with this model of iPod dock speaker system:

  • Apple iPod classic® portable player
  • Apple iPod touch® portable player 2nd generation
  • Apple iPod touch portable player 3rd generation
  • Apple iPod touch portable player 4th generation
  • Apple iPod nano® portable player 3rd generation
  • Apple iPod nano portable player 4th generation
  • iPod nano portable player 5th generation
  • iPod nano portable player 6th generation

    IMPORTANT: The MENU, arrow up, arrow down, and ENTER buttons of the remote control do not work when an iPod nano portable player (6th generation) is connected to the iPod dock speaker.

  • iPhone 4 mobile digital device
  • iPhone 4S mobile digital device
  • iPhone 3GS mobile digital device
  • iPhone 3G mobile digital device


  • Do not connect an iPod or iPhone device that is not on the compatibility chart as Sony cannot guarantee full operation.
  • Operations may differ depending on the connected iPod or iPhone device and the software version that is installed.