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How to manually adjust the aperture and shutter speed when recording movies

    When placing your camera into the Movie or S&Q modes for recording video, the camera may revert to a program or automatic mode. These modes are not user-adjustable as the aperture and shutter speed are automatically set.

    To control the aperture and shutter speed settings when shooting in movie mode, switch the Exposure mode of the camera after selecting your movie mode.

    Before you start

    • For more information about the manual exposure mode, refer to the M Mode article.
    • Adjusting the shutter speed controls how moving subjects are captured. Larger values tend to stop motion. Smaller values tend to blur motion.
    • Adjusting the aperture changes the focus range and background defocus. Small values blur the foreground and background, while large values maintain focus for the entire scene.

    Manually adjust shutter speed and aperture modes when shooting movies

    Depending on your camera, the Exposure mode settings will be different.  Refer to your camera's Help Guide for details. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    • SLT-A60/A70 A-Mount Body

    • ZV-1, ZV-1M2, ZV-E10 models

    • ILCE models