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What Skype features are available on Sony Blu-ray Disc players?

    NOTE: Not all Blu-ray Disc® players have the Skype® feature. To see if your Blu-ray Disc player has the Skype capability, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Skype Features


    Free video calling Yes
    Voicemail Skype voice mail is a paid feature that you can use to send a voice message to another Skype user.
    Call Forwarding Yes
    Calling phones and mobile Yes
    Searching for a Skype user Yes
    Screen Sharing Sharing a screen from a computer to the Blu-ray Disc player is supported. However, sharing from the Blu-ray Disc player to a computer is not.
    Blocking a contact Yes
    Conference Calling Creating a conference call is not supported, but you can join a conference call.
    Group Video Calling Hosting and joining a group video call is not supported.
    Changing the avatar picture No
    Instant Messaging No
    Sending Files No
    SMS (Send message to a wireless phone) No
    Text Messaging No
    Mood Message No
    Changing the Ring Tone No
    Importing contact list No
    Extras (games) No
    Emergency Calling No