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Error: No Playable Data occurs or I am unable to see video when playing back a video file from a USB drive.

    Make sure the file you are trying to playback meets the supported file format of the car stereo. Some files may not play back due to file variations. Copy-protected ACC-LC files are not supported. MPEG-4 files must be Simple Profile.

    NOTE: MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile and H.264 files are not supported.

    MPEG-4 files meeting the following requirements can be played. Playback is not guaranteed for all MPEG-4 files meeting the requirements.

    • Profile: MPEG-4 Simple profile
    • Bit rate: Max. 7Mbps on USB FS. 10 Mbps on DVD. 7 Mbps on CD
    • Frame rate: Max. 30 fps
    • Image size: Max. 720 x 480 pixels
    • Audio: Max. 320 kbps (AAC-LC)
    • File extension: .mp4

    You can use these steps to determine if the MPEG-4 video file is NOT Simple Profile:

    1. Open the video file using Apple® QuickTime® ( )
    2. From the menu, click Window and then click Show Movie Inspector.
    3. Check under FORMAT for either of these:
      • H.264
      • Advanced Simple Profile (or ASP)

      If either of those formats appear, the MPEG-4 video is NOT Simple Profile.