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How to use the use the Macro feature of the Remote Control app on the tablet

    The Macro feature is a new addition to the Remote Control application that allows you to set up synchronized commands for your registered infrared devices and perform multiple button operations with a single tap. This means that you can set up a Macro command to turn on your television, turn on your Blu-ray player, and then open the Blu-ray disc tray all with one button tap in the Remote Control app.

    All you will need to use the Macro feature of the Remote Control app is the tablet, the registered Infrared remote controlled devices and your imagination.

    IMPORTANT: All the devices you wish to use in a Macro must be registered in the Remote Control application with either the Easy registration or Learn from remote control method before beginning this procedure.

    1. On the desktop, tap the Home icon. Image
    2. In the upper-right corner of the desktop home screen, tap the Apps & Widgets icon. Image
    3. In the Apps & Widgets screen, tap the Remote control icon. Image
    4. In the Remote control screen, tap the TV icon.
    5. In the TV remote control screen, in the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Macros. Image
    6. In the Macros screen, tap the first New macro button. Image
    7. At the New macro message screen, read the information regarding the steps to create a macro, and then tap OK.
    8. In the Macro creation setup screen, tap a button on the desired device remote to add that command to the macro. Image


      • The Macro creation process will require some forethought, and may need to be edited until you get the Macro just the way you want. We suggest that you write down the different button presses you wish to combine into a macro before you start Macro creation process. This will give you a map of sorts that will allow you to create the macro with the exact commands you wish. An example of this mapping may look something like this: TV Power < Blu-ray Player Power < TV Input Select to Blu-ray Player < Open Blu-ray Player disc tray.
      • The Macro creation process will record all of the operations you perform, in order, and will later ask you to repeat all the operations on the actual devices so that it can also record the time intervals between operations. For example, if you are attempting to turn on the television and then change the Input section to the Blu-ray player, it will be important to wait until the television is completely on before the Input is switched. The remote commands will be remembered when you tap each remote button, and then the time interval will be remembered as you confirm the operations.
    9. The selected command will now appear in the Macro Configuration line below the remote buttons. Image
    10. Continue to tap buttons on the desired device remotes to add all the desired commands to the macro.


      • Tap the arrow buttons to the left or right of the device name to access other registered devices and add those commands to the macro. Image
      • Tap the white dots at the top of the screen to view additional remote button choices that may be available for the selected device. Image
      • To change the position of a command in the macro, tap the icon in the Macro Configuration line and then tap the arrow buttons until the command is in the desired position. Image
      • To remove a command from the macro, tap the icon in the Macro Configuration line and then tap the X button. Image
    11. When you are finished adding commands to the macro, in the upper right corner of the screen, tap the Next button. Image
    12. The Macro will now ask you to test that the configuration works on the registered devices.
    13. To begin the recording step that was referred to earlier, aim the tablet at your devices and tap the buttons in the order they appear on the screen to confirm that they are working. Image


      • Be sure that there is a clear path between your tablet and the devices so that the remote signal is not blocked.
      • When you begin tapping icons the time interval between taps will be recorded and saved, so make sure that the time interval is appropriate for each action. This is to ensure that macro will work in the right order, and that the commands will not be sent too late or too early.
      • The recording process begins when you tap the first icon.
      • Tap each icon in order, as it is ready to be used.
      • Continue tapping icons until all icons have been recorded.
      • If you feel you have tapped an icon too early or too late, you can tap the Retry button to start the recording process over. Image
    14. Once all the command icons have been tapped and the configuration has been confirmed to work, in the upper right corner, tap the Next button. Image
    15. Tap the Macro title, use the on-screen keyboard to enter a new name for the Macro, and then tap the Finish button. Image
    16. At the Macro created prompt, tap OK.
    17. The newly created Macro button will now appear at the bottom of the remote control pad of each device that is used in that macro. Image
    18. To activate the macro, tap that Macro button. The tablet will perform the macro and display the macro progress on the screen.

      IMPORTANT: In order for the macro to work, the tablet must be facing the devices included in the macro and there must be a clear path between the tablet and those devices.

      NOTE:  To delete a macro, in the upper right of the screen tap Macros, under the macro you want to remove tap Delete, and at the prompt tap OK to confirm the deletion.