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Cut or Divide Music Files in the Sound Organizer or Sound Organizer 2 Software

    Steps to Cut or Divide Music Files

    Note: Refer to your recorder's manual for model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    1. Select an item under My Library.
    2. Select the music file you want to divide from the file list.
    3. Click Edit Mode, then Divide. A waveform will now be displayed in the editing area.
    4. Click the Playback Image button in the control area to play the music file.
    5. Click the Add divide point Image button in the position where you want the music file divided.
    6. Drag and move the track mark to adjust the divide point as needed.
    7. Click Start, then Start Divide on the pop-up box that will appear.


    • Music files that were divided are registered to My Library.
    • Podcasts can't be divided.
    • Viewing the Quick Operation Guide while combining music files won't cause any interruption.