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Time-lapse (PlayMemories Camera App)

    IMPORTANT: The Time-lapse app is only supported for installation on select Sony® camera models. There is a small purchase fee to download and install the app. Visit the website for information about supported cameras and purchase price.

    The Time-lapse app allows select cameras to take a series of still pictures at certain intervals and then automatically combine them to create time-lapse movies. The following time lapse themes can be selected in which settings are automatically adjusted by the camera:

    • Cloudy Sky
    • Night Sky
    • Night Scene
    • Sunset
    • Sunrise
    • Miniature
    • Standard
    • Custom

    IMPORTANT: Pictures taken after sunset or sunrise may become dark or bright when using the Sunset or Sunrise theme because the exposure is automatically adjusted for the first picture taken. This can be improved by lengthening your shooting time or adjusting the exposure compensation +/- setting.

    NOTE: The maximum number of frames that can be captured for each theme is 990.

    Movies recorded with this app can be played back in computers with a Mac OS® or Windows® operating system, as well as PlayStation®3 (PS3™) game consoles.

    Pictures deleted using a different device such as a computer may still remain in the Time-lapse playback list. Follow the steps below to update the playback list.

    1. Exit the app.
    2. Open the menu and select Setup.
    3. Select Recover Image DB.
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
    5. Start the app and select Time-lapse Image list.


    • When recording with Memory Stick® media the file is saved in the MSSONY/CAM_APPS/APP_TLPS/ directory.
    • When recording with an SD card the file is saved in the PRIVATE/SONY/APP_TLPS/ directory.
    • Using a remote control is not supported.
    • The AC-PW20 power adapter can be used.
    • The aspect ratio of a RAW image cannot be changed.