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What is the difference between SELP18200 and SEL18200 lenses?

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Both lenses have the same focal length and are designed for E-mount camera and camcorders, but the SELP18200 also is equipped with a power zoom feature. The SEL18200 does not have a power zoom.

NOTE: The power zoom on the SELP18200 lens can be controlled directly on cameras and camcorders that have a built-in zoom lever, as well as using the zoom lever on the lens itself.

The other differences between SELP18200 and SEL18200 lenses are the following:

Dimensions (maximum diameter x height)

  • SELP18200 - Approximately 93.2 x 99 mm
  • SEL18200 - Approximately 75.5 x 99 mm

Mass (in grams and ounces)

  • SELP18200 - Approximately 649g (22.9 oz)
  • SEL18200 - Approximately 524g (18 1/2 oz)