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How to transfer pictures from a camera to a computer using the PIXELA ImageMixer application.

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Follow this procedure to transfer pictures from a camera to the computer using the PIXELA ImageMixer™ application.


  • Verify that the USB Mode of the camera is set to NORMAL. This application will not detect the camera if the USB Mode is set to the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) mode.
  • Refer to the operating instructions supplied with the camera if additional information is required. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  1. Make sure that the Memory Stick® with the pictures is in the camera.
  2. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
  3. Turn on the camera.
  4. On the computer, start the PIXELA ImageMixer™ application.
  5. In the PIXELA ImageMixer™ application startup screen, click the Capture Environment [FIG. 1] icon.
  6. In the ImageMixer window, on the left side , click the Memory Stick® media [FIG. 2] icon.
  7. Next to the Memory Stick drop box, click the refresh icon [FIG.3 ] to display all the pictures as thumbnails.
  8. On the right side of the window, click to select the desired folder [FIG.4 ] icon to save the pictures.
  9. In the thumbnail display [FIG.5 ] box, click to select the desired image to move to the folder selected.

    NOTE: Holding down the CTRL key on the computer keyboard while clicking allows multiple images to be selected.

  10. Click the transfer [FIG. 6] icon to save the selected pictures in the selected folder.