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How to turn the flash mode on or off.

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  1. Turn on the camera to the still picture recording mode.

    IMPORTANT: If the camera menu is displayed on the LCD screen of the camera , press the MENU button to remove it.

  2. On the control button , press the up arrow repeatedly until the desired flash option is selected.
  • No Flash : A lightning bolt with a line through it is displayed on the LCD screen; the camera will not flash for any pictures.
  • Automatic : There is no icon displayed on the camera LCD screen and the lighting conditions will determine when the camera will flash.
  • Forced Flash : A lightning bolt icon is displayed on the LCD screen and the camera will flash for all pictures.
  • Slow Synchro : A lightning bolt with SL next to it is displayed on the LCD screen and the flash will be used regardless of the amount of ambient light; the shutter speed will be slower under dark conditions.

NOTE: The flash option is disabled and will not function when taking MPEG movies, when using the twilight mode, or when the hot shoe feature is enabled.