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How to replace the lithium CMOS battery.

    NOTE: Write down your current BIOS Setup options before replacing the battery.

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Turn off all peripheral devices and unplug the computer.
    3. Remove the left side panel.
    4. Remove the bottom panel.
    5. Gently pry the battery from the socket [FIG.1].
    6. Install the new battery with the plus + side up.

      NOTE: You must replace the battery only with a CR2032 type lithium battery.

    7. Reinstall the bottom panel.
    8. Reinstall the left side panel.

      NOTE: The values stored in the CMOS memory are now reset to the factory default values. You must run the Setup utility to reset the date, time, passwords, and other options.

    9. Power on the computer.
    10. At the Sony screen, press F3 and then press F2 to access BIOS Setup.
    11. Set the time, date and any other desired settings.
    12. Press the RIGHT ARROW to highlight Exit [FIG.2].
    13. Press ENTER to Exit, saving changes.
    14. Press ENTER.