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How to replace the lithium CMOS battery.

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Turn off all peripheral devices and unplug the computer.
    3. Remove the cover from the computer.
    4. Locate the CMOS battery in the middle of the motherboard.
    5. Gently pry the battery from the socket [FIG.1].
    6. Install the new battery with the plus + side up.
    7. Reinstall the cover.

      NOTE: The BIOS setting will be restored to their defaults when the battery is replaced. The date, time, passwords and any other custom settings will need to be re-entered in the BIOS.

    8. Power on the computer.
    9. At the Sony screen, press DELETE.
    10. Set the time, date and any other desired settings.
    11. Press ESC to return to the main BIOS window and then use the ARROW keys to highlight SAVE and EXIT SETUP [FIG.2] and then press ENTER.
    12. At the prompt to Save to CMOS and EXIT, type Y and then press ENTER.