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How to install a replacement driver after upgrading to the Windows® XP Professional operating system.

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WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Different guidelines are required when the upgrade involves a clean install of the Windows XP Professional operating system.


  • Upgrade instructions are available for selected models on the Sony® eSupport Web site.
  • Upgrading from Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Service Pack 2 (SP2) to Professional Edition without SP1 or SP2 is not supported. Contact Microsoft for a CD containing the Windows XP Professional Edition operating system with the appropriate Service Pack.
  • The upgraded operating system must have the same Service Pack or higher included as the original Operating System on the computer.
  • VAIO® computers bundled with the Windows XP Home Edition operating system may utilize the original Sony® drivers and applications with the Windows XP Professional Edition operating system. Due to the common core between the two operating systems, the same drivers and applications will work in both versions. Sony will continue to support the drivers and applications, but will not support the operating system in these cases.



  • Issues may occur when installing a different language version of the operating system with the Sony® drivers or software.
  • Sony does not support dual boot configurations.


  1. If the computer was not supplied with Recovery CDs/DVDs, ensure the Recovery Media Kit has been created before proceeding.
  2. Remove any external peripheral devices, such as game controllers, cameras, printers, or docking stations.


    • These devices can then be installed one at a time after the operating system has been fully upgraded.
    • Ensure the computer is turned off and unplugged prior to removing any external peripheral devices.


  3. Download and install any available BIOS updates .
  4. Download all available Device Drivers, Sony Software Libraries, and Sony Applications and Utilities in advance and save them for later installation.
  5. Perform the Windows XP Professional operating system upgrade.


    • Sony strongly recommends using the default Windows XP Professional operating system installation option to upgrade the Windows XP Home operating system. This will allow the majority of the existing configuration settings and options to be imported to the new operating system.
    • The Windows XP Professional operating system must be installed in the C:\Windows\ folder.


  6. Install all available Sony Software Libraries, Sony Applications and Utilities,and Device Drivers.


    • Those computers that use Recovery CDs must use the Driver Recovery CD (DRCD) to reinstall the drivers and the Application Recovery CD (ARCD) to reinstall the applications.
    • Those computers that use the VAIO Recovery Wizard must use Recovery Media Kit CD/DVD #1 to reinstall applications and save the original drivers to the hard drive. The option to reinstall applications will not be available when the Recovery Media Kit is started using the Startup CD.
    • Device drivers saved to the hard drive must be installed to the operating system using the corresponding setup file in the C:\Windows\Drivers folder or by updating the driver through Device Manager.
  7. Download and install all critical Microsoft updates, including Service Pack 2 (SP2).