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The camcorder cannot finalize an AVCHD formatted disc.

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This issue may occur if the AVCHD formatted disc was previously inserted in a standard DVD player or recorder. AVCHD is a new format; existing DVD players and recorders were developed prior to the existence of the AVCHD format and are not compatible with AVCHD formatted discs. Inserting an AVCHD formatted disc into a standard DVD player or recorder may adversely affect the format or contents of the disc. AVCHD formatted discs should only be played in compatible AVCHD devices .

If the disc was not inserted in a standard DVD player or recorder, and you are experiencing this issue, make sure there are no scratches, dirt, or fingerprints on the disc; scratches, dirt, and fingerprints can interfere with the recording and finalizing processes. If the disc is dirty, use a soft cloth to clean the disc [FIG. 1].

If the disc still cannot be finalized, then it may be possible to create a different finalized DVD by transferring the contents of the disc to a computer and using the provided software.

NOTE: Recordable discs should have the for Video Camera logo [FIG. 2].