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How to install the PC connection software supplied with the nav-u™ unit.

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The Full USA map is pre-installed on the nav-u™ unit. It is only necessary to install the PC connection software if you wish to change the map data or change the language.

Follow this procedure to install the PC connection software:


  • The PC connection software is not compatible with the Microsoft® Windows Vista® operating system.
  • If the Install PC connection software option is grayed out, it has already been installed. You must uninstall Microsoft ActiveSync from the Add or Remove Programs utility first if you would like to reinstall the PC connection software.

  1. Close any applications that may be running.
  2. Insert the supplied DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.
  3. In the Sony Personal Navigation System screen, click US English .
  4. Click Install PC connection software .
  5. In the Set Up Microsoft ActiveSync window, click Next .
  6. In the Select Installation Folder window, click Next .

    NOTE: If the Installation Complete window comes up, click Next and then click OK to restart the computer.

  7. Once the Get Connected window appears, connect the supplied AC adapter to the nav-u unit.

    NOTE: You do not need to put the nav-u unit in the cradle (as indicated in step 3 in this window), these are just generic steps for mobile devices.

  8. Connect the nav-u unit to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
  9. Turn the nav-u unit on.

    NOTE: Connecting will be displayed on the unit once a connection is established. The unit should now be setup to use with your computer.

  10. In the Set Up a Partnership window, click to select No .
  11. Click Next .
  12. Close any Microsoft ActiveSync window that may be open.

    WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Do not change or delete any data on the unit via the ActiveSync utility or the Mobile Device drive in Windows® Explorer. If any of the required files are deleted, the unit will be damaged and will require service.