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How to connect an audio source to a car stereo and not disable the UniLink connection.

    The XA-300 Auxiliary-in selector is an accessory that allows external audio components (such as a Walkman® player, TV, etc.) to be connected to the car stereo receiver through the UniLink™ BUS connection. The XA-300 provides audio/video (A/V) inputs and a pass-through for the UniLink control and audio so additional changers can still be connected. The XA-300 is treated as a auxiliary (AUX) source when selecting from the menu of the car stereo.

    You can also use a separate audio cord (with a stereo mini plug connection) to connect the external audio component (TV, Walkman, etc.) to the car stereo. Connect one end of the cord to the Audio output of the external component and the other end to the AUX input of the car stereo. After the connection is made, select the AUX source to obtain the sound through the car stereo.


    NOTE: We recommend that you review the Auxiliary Audio Equipment section of the operating instructions to verify any additional settings that need to be made prior to making these connections. Manuals are posted on your model support page.