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The headphone earbuds fall out of your ears.

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If your headphone earbuds fall out of your ears, do the following:

NOTE: Test the fit of the earbuds in your ears after each step.

  1. Place the earbuds in your ear and turn until the headphone section is horizontal.
  2. Install a larger size or a smaller earbuds. Follow the steps below to do this.
    1. Install the earbuds into the headphones so that the tip of the inner part (1) of the earbuds fits into (A) the position on the projection of the headphones.
      Earbud inner part tip
    2. Make sure that the earbuds fit straight on and not at an angle to prevent the earbuds from detaching and remaining in your ears.
      Earbud fit straight


      • Medium-sized earbuds are installed on the Walkman® media player at the time of purchase.
      • Small and large-sized earbuds are also supplied in the package.
      • Choose the size of the earbud which fits comfortably into your left and right ears separately.
  3. Bend or twist the neckband to increase pressure and placement in your ear canal.
    Image Image Image
  4. Bend the neckband cable so it loops higher or wider around your ear so the wire does not rub against your ear.
    Image Image