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The car stereo turns off by itself or loses power.

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The car stereo receiver may shut off or lose power if there is an issue with a loose or dirty connection. Follow these steps to try to resolve this issue:

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that all car video and audio installations be performed by a qualified, professional installer.

NOTE: For model-specific information regarding any of the procedures below, consult the instruction manual for additional information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

  1. If the car stereo has a removable faceplate, clean the metal connectors using a cotton swab.Image
  2. Reset the car stereo to factory specifications.
  3. Turn on the car stereo and verify if the issue is resolved.

If the issue is still not resolved and the installation has been checked by a qualified installer, service will be required. Begin the procedure to send your Sony product into a Sony facility to be repaired.