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The green light on the transmitter does not light up green all the time or does not come on at all.

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    This is normal operation. The green POWER LED on the transmitter is a signal indicator and not a power indicator.

    Please refer to the information below for further explanation:


    • The green POWER LED of the transmitter will NOT light when the headphones are seated on the transmitter.
    • The green POWER LED of the transmitter will remain lit only while an active audio source is providing sufficiently-loud audio to the transmitter. When there is no signal or if the volume of the signal is not loud enough for about 4 minutes, the transmitter will turn off automatically. The POWER indicator of the transmitter will then blink for about 60 seconds, then turn off. If an audio signal is received after it has shut off, the transmitter will turn back on and the green POWER LED will light up again.
    • If your headphones are seated in the cradle of the transmitter and fully charged, neither the POWER light of the transmitter nor the CHG light of the headphones will be lit. If you unplug the transmitter and plug it back in, the green light will flash for a moment. This too is normal operation.


    • The green POWER LED of the headphones will light up whenever the headphones power switch is turned from OFF to ON, and has enough of a charge to function (i.e., partial charge or full charge). The green LED flashes, dims, or remains off if the headphones need charging.
    • The red CHG LED of the headphones lights whenever the headphones are charging on the transmitter. Once the headphones are fully charged or the headphones are removed from the transmitter, the light will go off.