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The camcorder disc will not play in a DVD player or DVD-ROM drive.

    If a DVD recorded with a DVD camcorder does not playback in a DVD player or DVD-ROM drive, the disc may not be finalized. Make sure the disc has been finalized in the camcorder before trying to play it in other equipment. If trying to play the DVD in the DVD-ROM drive of a computer, make sure compatible DVD software is installed on the computer and that it is working properly with other discs. Also, make sure that the 8cm DVD fits properly in the disc tray; the disc tray should be horizontal and have a slot to accommodate an 8cm DVD [FIG. 1].

    WARNING: DVD media containing recordings in AVCHD format should not be used with standard DVD players or recorders, as the DVD player/recorder may fail to eject the media and may erase its contents without warning. DVD media containing AVCHD recordings should only be played on a compatible Blu-ray Disc® player/recorder or other compatible device .

    IMPORTANT: Not all DVD players and DVD-ROM drives support all DVD formats and recording modes. For instance, a DVD-RW disc recorded in Video Recording (VR) mode will only playback in DVD players that are VR compatible. Consult the specifications of your disc player for compatibility information.

    NOTE: For better playback reliability, it is recommended that Sony® discs or discs marked with the for VIDEO CAMERA™ logo [FIG. 2] be used for recording in your DVD camcorder.