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How to upgrade the Random Access Memory (RAM).

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When purchasing memory to install into the computer, select Dual In-line Memory Modules (DIMMs)  meeting the following specifications and guidelines:

  • Double Data Rate-Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR-SDRAM)
  • PC3200 400 MHz.
  • 184 gold pin
  • 2.5 Volts

The following RAM configurations are supported:


  • These computers have a total of four memory slots and ship with two 256MB memory modules for a total memory amount of 512MB.
  • Memory modules can be added and used in any size combination, to a maximum memory amount of 2048MB.
  • Memory modules must be added in pairs.
Total Memory Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
512 MB 256 MB Empty 256 MB Empty
768 MB 256 MB 128 MB 256 MB 128 MB
1024 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB 256 MB
1280 MB 512 MB 128 MB 512 MB 128 MB
1536 MB 512 MB 256 MB 512 MB 256 MB
2048 MB 512 MB 512 MB 512 MB 512 MB

Follow this procedure to install Random Access Memory (RAM).

WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Ensure the computer is shut down and disconnected from power before following this procedure. It is also recommended to use a grounding strap to discharge static electricity during this procedure. If one is not available, touch an exposed metal part of the chassis before handling the memory module.


  • Properly installing non-Sony memory does not void the limited warranty.
  • Handle memory modules only by the edges. Do not touch the connectors or circuits.

NOTE: It may be necessary to remove a currently installed memory module to allow the installation of additional memory modules.

  1. Disconnect all peripheral devices such as printers, displays, and speakers.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the computer.
  3. Facing the back of the computer, press the side panel release latch.


    NOTE: When facing the back of the computer, the panel to be removed is on the right side.

  4. Pull the side panel straight out to remove it.
  5. Place the computer on its side.
  6. On the motherboard, move the memory slot tabs slightly outward.


  7. Holding the memory module only by the edges, remove it from the antistatic package.
  8. Align the memory module over the appropriate memory slot, ensuring that the bridge in the memory slot is aligned with the notch in the memory module.


  9. Insert the bottom edge of the memory module into the slot and press gently and evenly against the upper corners until the module is seated into the slot.


    NOTE: The latches on both sides of the memory slot will snap into position automatically once a module is fully inserted.

  10. Push the side panel onto the computer until it snaps into place.
  11. Reconnect all peripheral devices and plug in the computer.