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How to transfer a music file from a computer to the VAIO Pocket™ Digital Music Player using the VAIO Music Transfer™ software.


    • Files are converted to the ATRAC format for playing on the portable music player.
    • The previous transfer list is deleted by starting a new transfer, restarting VAIO Music Transfer™ software, or disconnecting and then reconnecting the portable music player.
    • Use the SonicStage™ software to edit or delete tracks after they have been transfered to the portable music player.
    • Music files can only be transferred to the VAIO Pocket™ Digital Music Player from a computer hard drive. Transfer from a computer CD or DVD drive is not supported in the the VAIO Music Transfer™ software.
      • When turned on while connected to a computer, the music player automatically switches to Data Transfer Mode.
      • The portable music player must be in Data Transfer Mode to transfer music files.
    1. On the computer, start the VAIO Music Transfer™ software.

    2. Using Windows Explorer, locate and open the folder containing the music files to be transferred.

      NOTE: If the location of the music files is unknown, you may have to perform a search or find for the name of the folder that contains the files or the name of a music file.

    3. Drag and drop the desired music files to the VAIO Music Transfer window.

      NOTE: A Transfer Completed window will be displayed once the conversion process finishes.

    4. In the Transfer Completed window, click the Close button.