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How to change the RAID configuration.

    When started from the Recovery Discs, the Reconfigure RAID window in the VAIO Recovery Wizard provides options for changing the RAID configuration. Follow this procedure to remove an existing RAID array, delete all data from the connected drives, and choose Restore Complete System.

    NOTE: To reconfigure an existing RAID array or to create a new RAID volume from within the Windows® XP operating system, click Go to Intel® Matrix Storage Console. The computer will restart, and after reaching the desktop the Intel® Matrix Storage Console will open.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. All software applications, configurations, and data added to the RAID array will be erased.

    WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Licensed content, such as movies acquired from the VAIO® Movie Experience CD supplied with select models, will no longer be playable if the license information is not backed up prior to a system recovery, and restored afterward .

    1. From within the VAIO Recovery Wizard application, in the Reconfigure RAID window, click Next.

      NOTE: The Reconfigure RAID window can be reached through the VAIO Recovery Wizard main menu or by selecting the Reconfigure RAID option on the Start Menu.

    2. Under Reconfigure RAID (Step 1 of 1), click to select the click to select the I understand box.

      WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. Once you click the Next button, the RAID array is removed and all data is deleted. This process cannot be reversed.

    3. Click the Next button.
    4. In the VAIO Recovery dialog box, click the OK button.
    5. The computer will restart and the VAIO Recovery Wizard main menu will again be displayed.
    6. In the VAIO Recovery window, click Restore Complete System .