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Can I use NetAV (remote video streaming) at the office?

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You can use NetAV at any office that has direct broadband internet access without the use of a proxy server or interruption by a corporate firewall. Confirm with your network administrator about the availability of the port number that is assigned to your LocationFree® Base Station. Note that the default port setting (assigned during Easy Setup) is:

  • LFX1 default port is 5021.
  • LFX5 default port is 5021.
  • LFB10 default port is 5024.
  • LFB20 default port is 5024.
  • LFPK1 default port is 5021.
  • LFV30 default port is 5026.

NOTE: Through the use of a third-party open port check tool, the availability of the port and whether or not the port is blocked can be determined.