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How to install the LocationFree™ remote control updates on the PSP™ unit.

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  1. From the PSP™ home screen, select Network , select LocationFree and press X .
  2. After the PSP unit has connected to the LocationFree™ Base Station, press the triangle button.
  3. Select Settings and press X .
  4. Select Remote Control Settings and press X .
  5. Select Version Information and press X .
  6. Select Yes and press X .
  7. On the Network Connection screen use the arrow buttons to highlight an active wireless connection and press X .
  8. Use the arrow buttons to select USA and press X .
  9. Use the arrow buttons to choose Remote Control Data: Version 2.00 (updated Nov 29,2005) and press X .
  10. Use the arrow buttons to choose Agree and press X .
  11. On the Do you want to save this file? screen, select Yes and press X .
  12. Select Save and press X .
  13. When the download is complete, press O twice.
  14. On the The Internet browser will close screen, select YES and press X .