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The playback stops and an error flashes quickly across the screen when trying to play a Blu-ray Disc movie using the InterVideo WinDVD BD software.

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  • Not all computers have an internal Blu-ray Disc® optical drive. To determine if your computer has a Blu-ray Disc optical drive, use this procedure .
  • If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

A STOP. WinDVD BD cannot start playback of protected contents with current display setting. Please change a display setting of the system error message will be briefly displayed and the Blu-ray Disc movie playback will stop if the computer is connected to an external display and one of following conditions exits.


  • The external display, monitor or TV is not HDCP compliant. An HDCP compliant display is required for viewing the copy-protected content on Blu-ray Disc movies.

    NOTE: While non-HDCP devices, such as some computers and older model DVI products, will work with any DVI compliant display, a Blu-ray Discs device will show an image only on an HDCP compliant display. HDCP is currently not a standard used in computer displays, and although computer monitors are HDTV capable, they may not necessarily be HDCP compliant. To ensure that a display will work with a device that requires HDCP, look for HDCP compatibility in the display specifications or contact the display manufacturer regarding HDCP compatibility of their product.

  • The computer is in clone mode, which happens when the computer is configured to output video to two displays at the same time. To resolve this issue, configure the computer for a single display.
  • The display resolution on the computer is set higher than the maximum resolution that is supported by the TV or external display. To resolve the issue, check the documentation or specifications for the TV or external display to find the maximum support resolution and then change the resolution on the computer to the same or lower resolution.

    NOTE: For example, the specifications for a Sony® KDF-55E2000 TV state the maximum supported resolution for HD playback is 1280 x 720p. Normally on VAIO computers, there is not a resolution setting for 1280 x 720. The closest settings are 1280 x 768 or 1024 x 768. Since 1280 x 768 is above the maximum supported resolution for the TV, it will not work. The 1024 x 768 resolution must be used to resolve the error.