Article ID : 00029846 / Last Modified : 08/16/2015

Will I need to subscribe to a service provider in order to access all of the capabilities of the mylo® personal communicator?

    You will need to be in a WiFi hot spot in order to access Internet-based features such as IM/chat, email and Internet Voice Calling. You will be able to login from a home WiFi network, or from many free or Pay to Access hotspot networks all over the world. The built in Hotspot Database feature will provide you with a list of available hotspots in North America, both paid and free.

    NOTE: It will be up to you to decide which networks you wish to access and what, if any, fees will need to be paid.

    Additionally, the Voice over Internet calling feature will require a Skype™ account which is available at no cost by going to or by setting up the account on the mylo® personal communicator.