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Information about transferring edited video from a computer to a DVD.

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Your computer must have a DVD burner and compatible DVD burning software installed to save edited video to a DVD. Some video editing software applications do not provide the capability of copying/exporting edited video directly to a recordable DVD, making DVD creation of your videos a two-step process; you would need to use separate DVD burning software to burn a DVD. However, other video editing software applications -- such as Adobe® Premier Pro -- will allow edited video to be copied/exported directly to a recordable DVD.

The file format of the video files modified in video editing software are different than the formats used for playing back the video on a DVD player. After you have finished editing your movie, you will need to save it (or export it) in the appropriate format for playing on a DVD player. The menu options to export your video will vary depending on the video editing software you are using. Look for a menu item such as Export , Output or Finish my video .


  • In general, the Save As option will save another copy of your working movie files or project; this is not the same as exporting the video.
  • Depending on the software, there should be a variety of format options for saving the final video file. If you want to play the DVD in a DVD player connected to a television, choose a setting that adheres to the NTSC standard - this is the format used for DVD players manufactured for the United States.
  • If necessary, refer to the Help section of the video editing software for specific information about exporting video.

After the movie has been exported, you can use the DVD burner and DVD burning software installed on the computer to create a DVD that can be played in a DVD player.

NOTE: If necessary, refer to the Help section of the DVD burning software for specific information about creating a DVD.