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How to calibrate the touch-panel LCD screen.

    WARNING: There is a risk of hardware damage. Do not use a sharp-pointed object when calibrating the LCD screen with this procedure. Doing so could damage the surface of the LCD screen.

    NOTE: It is recommended that the AC power adapter be connected during this operation.

    1. Set the camcorder to the PLAY/EDIT mode.
    2. With the exception of the AC power adapter, disconnect any cables that may be connected to the camcorder.
    3. Open the LCD screen.

      IMPORTANT: Do not rotate the LCD screen or set it to the body of the camcorder with the screen facing out. The LCD screen cannot be calibrated in this position.

    4. On the LCD screen, touch the P-MENU button.
    5. Touch SETUP .
    6. Select STANDARD SET and then touch OK .
    7. Select CALIBRATION and then touch OK .
    8. Touch the X displayed on the LCD screen.

      NOTE: The position of the X will change a few times. Repeat this step until the X no longer appears.