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There is no picture and the TV displays a message saying to check the device output because the signal or format is unsupported.

    If your TV displays a message similar to this when trying to view the picture from the Blu-ray Disc™ (BD) player, then the TV may not support 1080/24p signals. To view the picture, press the VIDEO FORMAT button on the BD remote control until Auto is selected. Once Auto is selected the BD player will default to the best resolution signal that the TV can accept and the picture should appear. Afterwards, change the 24p Output setting to Off in the Video Setup menu of the BD player to prevent the message from occurring again.

    NOTE: Some televisions that are marketed as "1080p" televisions cannot actually accept a 1080p signal. Rather, they up-convert 1080i or 720p signals and display them as 1080p. Consult the instruction manual or specifications of your television for information about the video formats the television can accept via HDMI as well as the resolution at which the video is displayed.