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What is the difference between the BRAVIA Engine™ and BRAVIA Engine PRO™ Full Digital Video Processors?

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The BRAVIA Engine™ Full Digital Video Processor incorporates special picture enhancement technologies to better create gradation and details, enhance contrast, dynamically improve color, and reduce image flicker.

The BRAVIA Engine PRO™ Full Digital Video Processor has an added picture quality enhancement called Digital Reality Creation Multi-function v2.5 (DRC-MFv2.5), which has the ability to process interlaced and progressive video signals. The DRC-MFv2.5 has twice the processing power of previous DRC-MF circuits. It helps to provide crisp details and outstanding contrast, process video signals and output them to 1080p, plus dramatically reduce the digital artifacts that previous DRC-MF circuitry is known for.

NOTE: 1080p video signals are not processed through the DRC-MFv2.5 circuitry.