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Can I shoot still images continuously?

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NOTE: Not all digital still cameras have the same shooting modes. Check the product specifications to see what shooting modes are available on your camera. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

Continuous shooting is possible by setting REC Mode to Burst in the camera menu. Afterwards, when you press and hold down the shutter button, the camera will record up to 100 images in succession until the shutter button is released.


  • The shooting interval can vary between a half second to 1 second. It may be longer depending on other camera settings or conditions.
  • When recording with the self-timer, you can shoot 5 images in succession.
  • When the capacity of the recording media or battery is insufficient, shooting stops even if you continue to hold down the shutter button.
  • Burst shooting is not available during Sweep Panorama, Movie Mode, Smile shutter or Easy Mode and when the flash is set to Off.
  • In slow shutter speed conditions, the number of shots per second may be decreased.
  • The focus, white balance and exposure are fixed to be adjusted for the first image during the Burst shooting.