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How does the Super SteadyShot® function work and how effective is it?

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The Super SteadyShot® function works using angular speed sensors and shifting the image sensor to compensate for the camera-shake. When the angular speed sensors detect motion, the Super SteadyShot function shifts the image sensor along the X and Y axes to balance the camera-shake.

You can shoot images using slower shutter speeds than with digital cameras without Super SteadyShot technology. This helps you capture better images in a variety of shooting situations.

NOTE: Be aware that the effectiveness also depends on the attached lens, the set focal length, and shooting conditions. The effectiveness of the Super SteadyShot function may decrease in the following circumstances:

  • The more zoom magnification that is used, the more the camera is influenced by camera shake.
  • If the camera is bumped or jarred at the same time the shutter button is pressed (without holding the shutter button halfway down).
  • Using a Konica Minolta™ lens set for Macro shooting.
  • Using a Konica Minolta lens with a focus limiter function set to anything other than infinity - other than SSM and Macro (D) lenses.