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The codes for a cable box can not be entered into the Sony® universal remote control.

    The factory default setting for the CBL/SAT component button on this remote is Satellite, follow the procedure below to the control function of this button to operate a cable box.

    IMPORTANT: Complete instructions and component codes for programming the Remote Commander® remote control is available on the Sony® Online Support Web site at

    1. On the remote control, press the S (set) button.
    2. NOTE: All the component buttons will flash.

    3. Press the CBL/SAT button.
    4. NOTE: This button will stay lit.

    5. Press the PLAY and 9 buttons down.
    6. NOTE: This will assign the button to cable box control, and the component button light will turn off.

    7. Press the ENT button.
    8. NOTE: The cable box codes can now be entered.