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How to troubleshoot microphone recording issues.

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The following information is available to troubleshoot microphone recording issues.


  • Audio recorded through a microphone will not record properly if the unit does not have MIC input. Check the owners manual for the specific model to verify the specific features of the unit to ensure it has MIC input.
  • Recording through a microphone using the LINE IN input is not supported.
  • The microphone that is being used must meet the specifications outlined by Sony for each product. If the microphone being used does not meet these requirements, microphone recording quality will be diminished.
  • If the microphone being used requires batteries, verify that they are in working condition.
  • If the microphone has an ON/OFF switch, verify it is set to the ON position.
  • When using a monoaural microphone, in order to produce audio through both sides of the headphones during playback, the minidisc recorder must be set to record in mono.
  1. Remove the battery or disconnect the power source.
  2. Let the player/recorder remain without power for 30 seconds.
  3. Replace the battery or reconnect the power source.
  4. Attempt to record.
  5. If available, attempt to record using a different microphone.

NOTE: If the issue is still unresolved after completing all of the troubleshooting steps, service will be required .