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You have successfully downloaded BIOSP02.EXE.
To install BIOS P02, take the following steps:
1. Place a formatted floppy disk with no files on it into
your A: drive.
2. Close this file. Print it for reference if you wish.
3. Double-click on INSTALL02.BAT.
4. System files and BIOS P02 files will be copied to the floppy disk.
5. When prompted, close all windows and restart computer.
LEAVE THE FLOPPY DISK in the A: drive.
6. The install program will automatically update the BIOS and reboot.
7. When the upgrade is complete, there will be a message to remove
the floppy and restart the computer. BIOS P02 will be installed.
8. Label the floppy disk BIOS P02 and save it. It can be used to
restore your BIOS should the need arise.
9. You may delete the files created in your download directory.

If you have difficulty with this update please call the Sony Technical
Response Center at 888-476-6972.