Article ID : 00045102 / Last Modified : 02/06/2019

Change the Language on a Computer with Microsoft Windows 8 or 8.1 Operating System

    Watch the video tutorial or follow the instructions provided below to change or add the language on your computer with Microsoft® Windows® 8 or 8.1 operating system (OS).

    Before You Start

    • Preinstalled languages on the full versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 allow you to read and type in those languages.
      • To access all available language options, upgrade to the full OS version.
    • Various language options may not be available if your computer has a single-language version.

    Change or Add a Language

    1. On your computer keyboard, press the Windows Logo + X key combination, and then click on Control Panel.

    2. In Control Panel, Under Clock, Language and Region, click Add a language.
    3. In the Language window, click Add a Language.

    4. Click the icon of the language you want to add.
      • If available, regional language variations are in the Regional variants screen.

    5. Click Open or Add.
      • If the language isn't installed but is available, you'll see Available for download next to the language icon.
    6. To install the language, click the Options button and follow the onscreen directions.
    7. In the Change your language preference window, click to select the newly added language, and then click Move up.

      • The language at the top of the list is the primary language.
    8. Close the window and restart your computer.