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How to connect a second subwoofer to my receiver.

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The image below shows the proper 2-subwoofer set up:

2 Powered subs

  1. After making the connection you should make sure the subwoofers are plugged into the AC power and are turned on.
  2. After turning on the subwoofer, set the level to just before the mid-point. This can be adjusted to a more desirable level after you have set up and tested the system.

NOTE: If you connect a Subwoofer with a Crossover frequency or cut off frequency, set that to the maximum.

Sub settings

After making these connections and adjusting the setting on each subwoofer, you can also adjust the speaker level of all of the speakers connected including the subwoofers through the Speaker Settings menu of the receiver.

NOTE:  The main reason to have a second subwoofer is to even out the bass sound throughout the room and create a richer bass sound throughout the room. Some receivers have a .2 speaker patteren setting. There is no need to change the speaker pattern to .2 when a second sub woofer is connected. This setting is used to simulate a 7.2 setting