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How to copy image files from the internal memory to a memory card.

    Follow the procedures below to copy image files from the internal memory to a memory card.


    • Be sure the battery has an adequate charge before performing this procedure. If you attempt to copy image files using a battery pack with little remaining charge, the battery pack may run out, causing the copying to fail or possibly corrupting the data.
    • Individual images cannot be selected for copying.
    • Files on the internal memory will not be deleted after copying to a memory card.
    • To delete the contents of the internal memory, remove the memory card after copying, then format the internal memory (Format in Internal Memory Tool).
    • With some models, a new folder may be created on the memory card when copying data.

    Operating procedures:

    1. Insert a memory card with enough storage capacity into the camera.

      NOTE: The capacity needed for copying will differ depending on usage of the internal memory.

    2. Tap MENU on the Cyber-shot® camera.

      NOTE: If MENU is not displayed on the screen, touch the left side of the screen.

    3. Touch Settings Settings from the items displayed on the screen.
    4. Touch Memory Card Tool Memory Card Tool.
    5. Touch copy.
    6. All data in internal memory will be copied. will be displayed.
    7. Touch OK.

      NOTE: All files will be copied at once.