Article ID : 00052419 / Last Modified : 10/21/2020

Unable to use the Multi View and GPS Data Overlay features of PlayMemories Home

    The Multi View and GPS Data Overlay features won't work if the time and date weren't set on the camera before recording or if you're using an older version of the PlayMemories Home™ software.

    To resolve this issue, manually set the correct (current) date and time in the camera, and then update the PlayMemories Home software.

    IMPORTANT:If the time and date weren't set before recording, the correct log data weren't acquired. If this is the case it won't be possible to use Multi View or GPS Data Overlay with the imported video. However, if you did set the date and time before recording, you'll be able to use these features by re-importing the video clips with the GPS data after you've updated the PlayMemories Home software.


    • The Multi View feature allows two videos captured on the Action Cam to be combined into one video with the videos displayed side-by-side or over-under. The GPS Data Overlay feature adds track, speed, distance, and other information over the top of a video. Both these features are part of the latest PlayMemories Home software.
    • A Daylight Saving Time setting isn't available on the camera. The time is adjusted automatically after the GPS signal is acquired by the camera.
    • In the camera menu, make sure GPS is set to On and the GPS signal is acquired before attempting to record.