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The MHL connection between my phone and TV is not working.

    The steps in this solution are designed to assist when the TV is not detecting the connection from a smartphone or tablet that is connected to the TV using an MHL™ connection.

    Note: Each of these steps represents a possible solution to a connection issue between a mobile device and the Sony® TV when using an MHL connection. Test the connection after completing each step below.

    1. Make sure that the mobile device being used supports the MHL feature.
    2. Make sure you are using an MHL cable or MHL-to-HDMI adapter to connect the mobile device to the TV
    3. Make sure that the mobile device is being connected to the HDMI Input of the TV that is labeled MHL. MHL input
    4. Make sure that the MHL input on the TV is enabled:
      • On the supplied remote, press HOME → then select SettingsSetup or Channels & InputsBRAVIA Sync settings (HDMI CONTROL)Auto Input Change (MHL).
    5. Disconnect all of the devices connected to the TV and perform a reset .
    6. Make sure that the TV has the latest system software.

      Note: If the TV is connected to the Internet, software (firmware) updates can be downloaded from the Settings menu of the TV. If the TV is not connected to the Internet, updates are available from the model page on this site. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

    If you have followed all of the steps in this solution and the device still does not charge, try a different MHL cable or MHL-to-HDMI adapter.  Go to Parts and Accessories.