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How to take sharper images when using a tripod.

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    The ILCE-7R has a 36 megapixel full-frame image sensor (ILCE-7RM2 has 42 megapixels), which allows photos to be taken in a very high resolution. To get the best high resolution performance out of this sensor, much care should be used to prevent blur when using a tripod.

    Do the following to reduce camera shake:

    • Use a sturdy tripod.
    • Do not extend the tripod legs farther than necessary.
    • Avoid placing the tripod on an unstable surface such as on a carpet. Placing on a hard floor is best.

      NOTE: You can also attach a weight to the tripod to increase stability, for example using a stone bag. Make sure that the combined weight of the camera, lens, and stone bag does not exceed the weight limit of the tripod

    • Use a platform with an impact-absorbing material such as cork on its surface.
    • Use a fast shutter speed.

      NOTE: Use a shutter speed that is 2 stops faster than one divided by the focal length of the lens (or faster) to reduce blur. You can use faster shutter speeds by first increasing the ISO or improving the lighting.

    • In the case of the ILCE-7RM2, use the Front Curtain Shutter function or Silent Shooting function.
    • If using a heavy lens, to prevent camera shake, fix the camera itself with a tripod or monopod, instead of using just a tripod-mounting collar for the lens.