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What is the difference between Exmor and Exmor R sensors?

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Both Exmor™ CMOS sensors and Exmor R CMOS sensors have a great effect on improving image quality. Although both are similar in name and components, each uses a slightly different method to achieve performance.

Exmor sensors use a front-illuminated structure and are layered in the following order:

  1. On-chip microlens
  2. Color filters
  3. Metal wiring
  4. Light receiving surface
  5. Photodiodes

Exmor R sensors use a back-illuminated structure with the same layers, but in a different order:

  1. On-chip microlens
  2. Color filters
  3. Light receiving surface
  4. Photodiodes
  5. Metal wiring

Exmor versus Exmor R

In Exmor R sensors the position of the wiring and photodiodes are switched. By putting the photodiodes before the wiring there is no light obstruction from the wiring layer. Thus, this allows smaller sensors to have higher resolutions without decreasing light sensitivity.