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What is Liveview Grading and how does it work? (PlayMemories Camera Apps).

    Liveview Grading is a PlayMemories™ Camera App that will allow you to add effects on the movies you will record. Liveview Grading has presets that can be seen real-time without using a professional instrument or software.

    IMPORTANT: Liveview Grading is only supported on select Sony® camera models. Visit the website for information about supported cameras.

    Follow these steps on how to use Liveview Grading:

    1. Turn on the camera.
    2. Select Menu.
    3. Select Application.
    4. Select Liveview Grading and select the desired item.

      • Group Selection - The preset settings are classified into groups. Select the preferred preset from the preset groups.
      • Preset Selection - When this item is selected, the screen will be switched to the preset selection page.
      • Parameter Adj. - Adjusts such items as contrast and sharpness for the selected preset settings to make finer adjustments to your preferred color tone.
      • Parameter Reset - Returns the values set using Parameter Adj. to the default values. You can reset parameter values only for the current preset settings or for all preset settings.
    5. Press the Movie button to record.


    • You can change the shooting settings of the camera using MENU or other applicable camera buttons before shooting the image (Movie Exposure Mode (P/A/S/M in Movie mode), Focus mode, Exposure Comp.,White Balance, ISO, File format (AVCHD, etc.). However, that the available setting items vary depending on the camera model.
    • After the Preset selection, If you press ADJUST on the shooting standby screen, the screen will be switched to the Parameter adjustment screen. You cannot adjust parameters while shooting.
    • When you use the Liveview Grading application, camera functions related to still image shooting cannot be set.