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How to set up the TV using the port replicator?

    The port replicator (model: PTR-BR100) is designed to make setting up the TV easier by reducing the amount of wires that comes out of the TV and minimizing the need to pull the TV away from the wall or entertainment center when adding or removing source devices.

    Follow the steps below to connect the port replicator:

    1. Turn off the TV.
    2. Connect the output cable from the port replicator to the following connections on the back of the TV.
      • HDMI 1
      • HDMI 2
      • HDMI 3
      • Cable/Antenna
      • USB 2
      The image below shows is an example of the connections on the back of TV:
      Connections on the TV
      • All of the connections from the output cables should be used during the initial set up to avoid having to go behind the TV in the future.
      • Make sure all of the connections are secure.
      • Connect any desired source devices to the inputs on the port replicator.
        Port replicator inputs
        NOTE: A source device is a device that provides an audio or video signal to the TV. Common source devices are cable boxes, satellite receivers digital video recorders (DVRs) and Blu-ray® Disc players.
    3. Connect the AC adaptor to the port replicator.
      ac connection
    4. Turn on the TV and begin normal operation.

    NOTE: The port replicator does not support MHL™ functions. If connecting an MHL device, use the HDMI 4 (MHL) input on the back of the TV in order to have access to all MHL capabilities.
    MHL connection