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How to play images from a camera using the Wi-Fi Direct feature.

    This article is designed to assist with the basic set up when attempting to use the Wi-Fi Direct™ feature to view images from the camera on a TV wirelessly. If model-specific features or functions are required while following these steps, refer to the supplied manual. Manuals are posted on your model support page. .

    1. Enable the Wi-Fi Direct setting on the TV.


      • Not all TVs with an Internet connection support Wi-Fi Direct. Check the manual supplied with the TV for additional information.
      • If using a Sony TV follow these steps to set up the Wi-fi Direct feature .
    2. Using the camera, press the Menu button.Menu button
    3. Select View on TV.

      NOTE: This step may differ depending on the model. When using some older models, you may have to select Playback before selecting View on TV.

    4. Wait a few moments for the camera to search and display all of the available devices to the list. This will include the TV.
    5. Select the TV from the list of devices to connect to.List of devices

      NOTE: When connecting to a Sony® TV, BRAVIA TV may appear.

    6. The images can be displayed individually by pressing the right or left arrow to scroll from one picture to another.Arrows

      NOTE: The images can also be displayed as a slideshow. Refer to the manual supplied with the camera for the model-specific information regarding how to access the slideshow feature.