Article ID : 00088303 / Last Modified : 01/22/2019

Can the wireless subwoofer be used with any TV?

This article pertains to the SWF-BR100 wireless subwoofer.

    The SWF-BR100 wireless subwoofer is only compatible with the following series TVs.

    Compatible models based on year and series:

    2014 TV models series  2015 Android™ TV model series  2016 Android TV model series
     KDL-xxWxxxB  KDL-xxWxxxC  XBR-xxXxxxD (excludes XBR-xxX6xxD series)
     XBR-xxXxxxB  XBR-xxXxxxC

    Visit our product page for additional information including where to purchase a SWF-BR100 subwoofer.