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Which Sony Xperia smartphones can be held on the smartphone cradle of the car stereo?

    Below are the compatible smartphone dimensions (including the smart phone case) for the smartphone cradle.

    • The maximum width of the smartphone: 6 inches (150.7 mm).
    • The maximum height of the smartphone: 2 inches (59 mm) to 3 inches (77 mm).
    • The maximum depth of the smartphone: 1/2 inch (12 mm)

    Here is a list of compatible Sony® Xperia™ smartphones.

    NOTE: If your smartphone has a magnetic charging connector, you can charge the smartphone while it is placed on the smartphone cradle. Refer to the manual supplied with the phone for this model-specific information. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

    Xperia Smartphone Smartphone Cradle Compatibility Magnetic Charging Compatibility
    Xperia M2 Dual Yes No
    Xperia M2 Yes No
    Xperia Z2 Yes Yes
    Xperia E1 Yes No
    Xperia E1 Dual Yes No
    Xperia Z1 compact Yes Yes
    Xperia M Dual Yes No
    Xperia Z1 Yes Yes
    Xperia M Yes No
    Xperia C Yes No
    Xperia Z Yes No