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How to download and install applications from PlayMemories Camera Apps.

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    IMPORTANT: Some applications may not be available depending on your country/region and the camera you are using.

    This answer is designed as a guide on how to download and install apps to the camera. To download and install apps, follow the steps below:


    • PlayMemories Camera apps can be downloaded and installed using the recommended operating systems and browsers..
    • If you install it in an operating system and browser other than the recommended ones, it may not install or operate properly.
    • During the installation, be sure that you are logged in as the Administrator or as a user with Administrative rights.
    • Before starting the installation process, temporarily disable any antivirus and anti-spyware software that may be running.
    • There are free and paid applications. When buying an app, the payment will be made through the Wallet connected to your Sony Entertainment Network™ account.
    • The procedures for the free and paid app partly differ. Proceed according to the type of the selected app.
    1. Select the application in the PlayMemories™ Camera Apps website.

      1. Open the PlayMemories Camera Apps website and select the camera you are using.
        1. Click ALL All Applications in SELECT to display the model of the cameras.

          PMCA screen

        2. Select the camera model. The applications which can be downloaded to the camera will be displayed.

          All Models


          • The available applications will vary depending on the camera model being used.
          • If you click Simple 4-Step Installation Guide, you can follow the guide to perform operations such as creating an account, changing the downloading tool settings, and installing applications.
      2. Click the application you want to download. The application details page will open.

        PMCA screen 3

      3. Click Install (if the application is free) or Proceed to Purchase (if the application is paid) on the application details page.


        • Confirm that the camera you are using is displayed under Compatible Camera.
        • The illustration below is the screen of the paid application.

          App screen

          • [A]: List of Compatible Cameras.
          • [B]: Proceed to Purchase (In case of the free application, click install Install button).
      4. Enter the Sign-In ID and the Password for your Sony Entertainment Network account, and click Sign In.

        Sign in

      5. For the paid application, click OK after confirming the terms and conditions of the application. When selecting the free application, proceed to step 2.

        Notice of terms and condition

    2. Install the application downloading tool on the computer.

      1. If you download the application for the first time, you need to install the application downloading tool. Install it by following the guide on the display.

        NOTE: You will not need to perform this process again after the first time.

        Install window

      2. When the following screen is displayed, installation is done. Click the Reload and continue button.

        Reload and Continue

    3. Install the application on the camera.

      1. Connect your camera to the computer, and check the connection.
        1. Turn the camera on.
        2. Connect the camera to the computer via the supplied USB cable.


          • When the following screen is displayed on the camera, press the OK button to close the screen, then proceed to the next step.


          • Use the USB cable supplied with your camera. If you use a USB cable from another manufacturer, proper operation cannot be guaranteed because connection verification may fail.
          • Connect the camera and the computer directly via the USB terminal without using a USB hub. if you use a USB hub when connecting the camera to a computer, the computer may fail to recognize the camera.
        3. When Mass Storage or MTP is displayed on the camera monitor, the connection is completed.

          USB mode

          NOTE: While Connecting... is displayed, the connection is being prepared and has not been recognized by the computer yet. Wait until it is connected.

        4. Click Verify Connection.


          • If the camera is not detected, verify that the camera's USB connection is set to Auto, Mass Storage or MTP.

            To verify the USB mode:

            1. Select MENU.
            2. Select Setup Set up icon.
            3. Select USB Connection.
          • If Mass Storage or MTP is displayed on the monitor, the camera is connected correctly.
          • The available applications will vary depending on the camera you are using. If the message The connected camera does not comply with this application. is displayed, you cannot download the application because the camera you have connected is not compatible with the application.
          • A camera firmware update may be required for some applications. If the message To use this application, a camera firmware update is necessary. is displayed, click To the firmware update page and perform the update.
          • When using a Mac OS® X v.10.10 to update the camera, depending on the camera model, there is a need to run the Driver Loader before updating the software.
      2. When selecting to download the paid application, proceed to purchase. When selecting to download the free application, downloading starts.
        1. Check the purchased amount and click I Agree. Confirm Purchase. Payment will be made through the Wallet connected to your Sony Entertainment Network account.

          Confirm purchase

        2. When the payment is completed, a payment completion screen will be displayed. To continue and install the application to the camera, click Next.
      3. The download will start.
      4. When the download is finished, installation follows.
      5. When installation is finished and a message is displayed, click OK to exit.
      6. Disconnect the camera from the computer and check if the installation has finished.
        • For the NEX-5T, NEX-5R or NEX-6:
          • Check if the selected application has been added under MENUApp icon Application on the camera. If the application has been added, installation is finished.
        • For other models:
          • Check if the selected application has been added under MENUApp icon ApplicationApplication List on the camera. If the application has been added, installation is finished.